Adult Programs

Date:Oct 26, 2013

Sirius Sistahs Women’s Society 599526_10151058729074218_1443834787_n-1 (1)

Sirius Sistahs is a social support system that empowers women to address changes that lead to successful, well-rounded and balanced lives. Our book club Sirius Sistahs Read, allows women the opportunity to come together and enjoy literature that will challenge their minds, and encourage critical thinking and discourse. We also offer the Ladies 1st social mixer where women gather to socialize, network, and participate in community service events. These events aim to strengthen the bonds between women in relaxing, positive environments

1014124_10151679952384218_600417759_nHannibal Society

As the providers, builders of institutions, warriors and protectors, it is equally important for men to be resilient. As a result, C.O.R.E. aims to train, empower and enlighten men to be the best they can be as fathers, sons, brothers, friends, entrepreneurs, etc….. Through the Hannibal Society, C.O.R.E. aims to assist men to take pride in themselves, family, race and community; In addition focus on learning how to better head their household and define their own reality and be a positive influence in their communities. Hannibal Society encourages men to Man Up in order to build and maintain his communities so that the life of his children will be preserved.


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