Rites of Passage Programs

Date:Oct 26, 2013

  • Our programs stimulate the intellectual, physical, emotional, and cultural perspectives of our students. Each individual program is designed with a particular rite of passage in mind that takes them from a rudimentary stage of development; and impresses upon them, their natural abilities to create successful outcomes in class and connect those successes into their everyday lives! These programs generally last between 6 weeks-12 months!


Coming of Age Rites of Passage

index_06Designed for youth ages 14 – 19 who are transitioning into adulthood. This awesome program takes the ancient practice of “adulthood preparation” and brings it to our modern world. Students participating in the program are given the tools and insight necessary for becoming responsible well informed adults. Coming of Age offers classes on anatomy, pop culture, African dance, cooking classes, life planning sessions, and much more!

Kikiza Training

w8The name Kikiza translates as “full grown girl”. This program was developed for girls ages 10 – 13 who are coming to understand what it means to grow up in today’s society. This training is reminiscent of an old fashion charm and etiquette course, infused with a cultural backdrop. Girls participating in the program develop a strong sense of “girl power” that will carry them well into their teen years.




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