Truth Be Told.., Aloud!

"Your perception of me is a reflection of you;  my reaction to you is an awareness of me."

“Your perception of me is a reflection of you;

Positive Affirmations are declarative statements of CHANGE! They can be very effective with life’s transformation!  So take today to post your affirmation for the week! Write it down on a note card or get CREATIVE!

Use a dry erase marker (you can always use a paper towel w/a lil’ soap to erase and re-write!) and write your affirmation on your mirror! Place your affirmation in the places you visit most, (i.e. over your headboard, on the ceiling above your head, your dresser or bathroom mirror, refrigerator, desk at work, etc!!!) and recite aloud, every time you see it! I’m excited to see your “Truth”! Give us the “T” (Truth).  


Pick a sentence to complete:  “I am…”, “I will….,” or “I can….” For example: 

I Am Fantastic, Interesting, Necessary and Exceptional!

  1. hezakyah Reply

    I will make use of my second chance.

  2. vakieva Reply

    I am positive about me!

  3. Christina Reply

    I will turn a negative into positive

  4. Dana Reply

    I will only hang with positive people, no negative thinking in my life.

  5. Eve Dennard Reply

    I will exercise today and finish drawing my dress designs for my new website.

  6. Katina Reply

    I will be successful and be an influence in someone’s life!

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